Today is the first HYYHepilogue BTS in Olympic Gymnasium, South Korea. First day in 4years bts doing show in the biggest dome in Seoul

I’m so proud of them of course. I know how bangtan start from zero. They wasn’t from famous and big agency. i know them since no more dream but i just like not obsessed like now xD

I wish you all will find your happiness. Stay healthy and don’t forget to take a rest. Please don’t work too much and love yourself guys:) Stay strong!!! and let’s burn the haters xD

I’m so glad hastag ‘BTS plagiarism’ not trending in TTWW. WTF haters just gonna hate. It’s so funny just because the concept is ‘kinda’ same haters said bangtan plagiat. Because bangtan had same clothes with other artist hates called plagiat. Really non sense eww nasty trick.

*ps: please kookie don’t cry! noona is here i’ll hug you lol hahaha and jimin i love you with or without abs;_;




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